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Simon Westman Trio has been playing together since 2010, back then they performed mostly at jazz clubs in Gothenburg and were praised for their sound and their interaction. The trio initially called themselves MMS Trio, the music they played was a mixture of American jazz standards, European ""ECM jazz"" and Nordic folk music.


In May 2019 Simon began composing original music for the trio, and at the same time he booked the fabolous Nilento Studio for a recording session a half year later. All of this thanks to his friend and colleague Alexander Lövmark, who was friendly enough to "kick his butt" as they say in Sweden. 

So, the first weekend in January 2020 the trio were thrilled to record their debut album ""Stay a while", containing ten original songs including one song featuring great singer Maria Rylander, who also wrote the lyrics. The record was released on Prophone Records the 23rd of May 2020.

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The members of the trio are individually strong voices on the Swedish jazz scene, and they can be heard in several jazz groups and records.

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Simon Westman Trio

Stay a while (2020)
rophone Records

Simon Westman - Piano
Magnus Bergström - Bass
Magnus Gran - Drums

Maria Rylander - Vocals (track 10)
Sara Uneback - Violins (track 1)
Hugo Westman - Pogo stick (track 8)

"Themes from fresh originals maintains an exceptionally high quality. A fact worth emphasizing"

- Mats Hallberg, Orkesterjournalen - 

"Westmans piano playing often feels like a running water, pleasant to follow whether it's a small stream or a larger river."

- Andreas Lagercrantz, Lira - 

Simon Westman Trio - Stay a while

Simon Westman Trio - Lördagsmys