"Themes from fresh originals, maintains an
exceptionally high quality. A fact worth emphasizing"

 - Mats Hallberg, Orkesterjournalen -

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Simon Westman Trio has been playing together since 2010. Back then, they performed mostly at jazz clubs in Gothenburg and were praised for their sound and interaction. The trio initially called themselves MMS Trio, the music they played was a mixture of American jazz standards, European ""ECM jazz"" and Nordic folk music. 

The following years, the three musicians kept playing regularly and developed their own kind of sound.


In 2019, Simon started to compose original music, and a new trio was taking shape. The new music resulted in the debut album "Stay a while", which was released in May 2020 on Prophone Records (Naxos Jazz). The record got some nice reviews in Swedish Jazz magazines, and shortly after the release the trio got added on two big playlists for jazz on Spotify. 

Since the debut album the trio has been streamed over 2 million times on Spotify, and despite the pandemic they have managed to do some concerts. Simon has spent his time composing new material for the trio, and in May 2022 they will record their second album. Stay tuned!

The trio is: 

Simon Westman - Piano

Magnus Bergström - Double Bass

Magnus Gran - Drums

"Many songs have a refreshing simplicity,
as if the trio don't need to prove themselves"

- Andreas Lagercrantz, LIRA -

PCD227  Simon Westman

Stay a while
Prophone Records (2020)

Simon Westman - Piano
Magnus Bergström - Bass
Magnus Gran - Drums

Maria Rylander - Vocals (track 10)
Sara Uneback - Violins (track 1)


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