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"Simon Westman is a multifaceted pianist, who can be heard in many jazz contexts in Gothenburg"

- Tore Ljungberg, Orkesterjournalen -

"...great energy from all musicians; Simon Westman plays piano with glowing fingers.."

- Andreas Lagercrantz, Lira - 

"Simon Westman sounds just as good as his idols Bobby Timmons och Herbie Hancock"

- Stig Linderoth, Orkesterjournalen - 

Order the CD now for only 140SEK + porto

""Westmans piano playing often feels like a running water, pleasant to follow whether it's a small stream or a larger river"."

- Andreas Lagercrantz, Lira - 

"Themes from fresh originals maintains an exceptionally high quality. A fact worth emphasizing!"

- Mats Hallberg, Orkesterjournalen - 

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Fotografer: Magnus Bergström, Calle Wärnelöv

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